The history of Welge-Pechacek & Pechacek-McClure Funeral Homes

The Schroeder Funeral Chapel was founded in 1865.  It remained in the Schroeder family until E. H. "Jack" McClure bought the funeral chapel in 1965.  In 1985 Michael McClure, Jack's son, became part owner and the name changed to Schroeder-McClure Funeral Chapel.  In December 2000 Michael and Susan McClure became sole owners of the funeral chapel.

The Welge Funeral Home was established in 1882.  In 1985 a new chapel was built in Evansville, Illinois.  These funeral homes would remain in the Welge Family until the funeral homes were sold to Ronald and Pamela Pechacek in June of 1990.  They became the Welge-Pechacek Funeral Homes with locations in Chester and Evansville, Illinois.  In 1994 a new facility was constructed in Red Bud, Illinois.  In 2000 a new facility was constructed in Chester, Illinois. 

In June of 2001, Welge-Pechacek Funeral Homes merged with the Schroeder-McClure Funeral Chapel, Chester, Illinois.  Welge-Pechacek Funeral Homes, Inc. presently have three locations and are known as the Pechacek-McClure Funeral Home, Chester, Illinois, Welge-Pechacek Funeral Home, Evansville, Illinois and Welge-Pechacek Funeral Home, Red Bud, Illinois.